Brand Social Nomics is a methodology which provides in-depth context of the brand values, the social landscape and the economical reality.
This provides a comprehensive framework to understand the scope of work required by our business.
BSN is a proprietary asset of Kreetiv Communications and can be implemented into a number of different business spheres to solve various problems which are linked to the consumer/customer.
Brand Social-Nomics teaches us that in order to serve the customer well, we must understand the complexities involved in the 3 closely related subject matter which makes up any and all involvement with the customer.

Those 3 areas are:What business are you in, products do you have, who do you serve this and what meaning does it have in the mind of the customer (bearing in mind that a brand is only a brand when it is imprinted in the customers mind, so ask yourself if you have a brand). What is this customers reality (social environment, culture, thinking, acting, believing, pressure, stress, personal and group choices, etc

And finally, how and where does economical relevance lie in your macro environment. What’s happening in the world (in context of the issue that BSN is attempting to solve) that is key to consider.